Sourcing excellent contractors and suppliers can be a time-consuming exercise especially when schools must ensure that the company not only provides an appropriate quotation on company headed paper but also need to check their credit status and (in the case of some contracts and projects) their liability insurance coverage.

There are many local government framework agreements that are available for schools to access but it is knowing where to find them, how to access them and how they work that takes time. They can be very cost effective but not all School Business Leaders have the time to dedicate to researching and finding the best one to suit the requirements of their project or contract.

Accordio Education Services will determine a specification for your contract or project including an expected budget and/or the amount of savings hoping to be made on any current contract.

  • Adhere to the school’s internal financial controls as detailed in its finance policy (and the controls set out in the local authority’s scheme for financing schools if applicable) for purchasing items
  • Determine a contract/project specification, budget projection, the expected outcome(s) and deadline for completion
  • Research local contractors and the availability of local authority and/or government framework agreements
  • Produce a contract/project specification and quotation document to send to contractors
  • Collate quotations and produce a quotation analysis plus summary findings and recommendations.
Contract or Project Procurement Service

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