April 2021 marked the launch of the new IT operating model for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. After a long period where the vast majority of IT functions were outsourced to a single supplier, the council decided to move to a “right-sourcing” model. “Right-sourcing” is probably best defined as selecting best of breed components to slot together to form a service. Some may be commercial offerings, some may be in-house.

As well as defining “what” services IT will deliver, the “how” is equally important in defining a new IT operating model.  Because infrastructure choices can make a dramatic difference to the effectiveness and flexibility of service delivery.

So, in parallel, over the last few months the team has moved a huge amount of infrastructure from a predominantly on-premise IT setup to being cloud-hosted (in Azure and elsewhere). We have decommissioned dozens of legacy applications as well as hundreds of physical and virtual servers as well as built up a new, skilled, in-house IT service. All of this is made possible by strong, consistent direction and leadership and letting people crack on with the work required to make it a success. A really interesting (and challenging) project for us to to have been involved in!

The next steps are well underway, including moving away from the concept of a “corporate network” to a world where access via public connectivity is the norm and the adoption of “zero-trust” as the foundation of a robust security model.

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