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Supporting the move towards an ‘in-house’ workforce

With councils increasingly looking to cut costs and deliver a better service to residents by bringing their workforce back in-house, Accordio is using its expertise to help the London Borough of Tower Hamlets do just that.

Tower Hamlets has set out an ambitious programme to bring waste management and environmental services back under the council’s roof from April 2020, and has asked Accordio Managing Director Rob Neil to lend his experience and expertise to the task.

Accordio is leading on the specification, procurement and implementation of the vital technology that will support the transformed in-house service and allow it to operate effectively from day one.

The ‘end to end’ solution will support all aspects of the service, from work scheduling and on-line reporting of issues through to in-cab technology and vehicle telematics.

A recent report by the Association for Public Service Excellence suggests that 77 per cent of UK councils are planning to bring services back in-house in the current year. It adds that between 2016 and 2018 at least 220 local government contracts were returned to council control.

Councils are becoming increasingly aware of the advantage of bringing some services back in-house, but it’s not an easy task,” said Rob.”Introducing a whole new way of doing things – and being set up to deliver great services from day one – takes a huge amount of planning and can only be done with the right IT support. Accordio can provide that support and is delighted to be working with Tower Hamlets on their waste management and environmental services.”

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