Delivering solid foundations for the future

Delivering solid foundations for the future

Accordio is sharing its skills with a council on the other side of the country to ensure it has solid foundations on which to deliver great public services.

The Kent-based consultancy is working alongside RedQuadrant, the public service transformation consultancy, to deliver a sustainable organisation review for West Lancashire Borough Council.

The review is designed to help the council become more commercially aware and digitally ‘switched on’ and give it a solid foundation for the future.

Accordio’s expert knowledge of the IT challenges facing the public sector and its track record of delivering this kind of review were key factors in the partnership with RedQuadrant and the success of the tender.

Managing Director Rob Neil said: “We are delighted to have been asked to partner with RedQuadrant to deliver this important project. The sustainability of public sector organisations has been under scrutiny for some time, and there have been some high-profile cases of councils verging on financial meltdown.

“We are delighted to be helping West Lancashire Borough Council shape itself for the future and become more self-sufficient, supported by cost-effective, fit-for-purpose technology that will help them deliver high quality services to the public.”

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