Every business needs someone to keep it up to date with the new opportunities offered by technology, but in many cases a full time CIO or IT Director is either not required or unaffordable. Our Outsourced CIO service could help by providing:

  • All the expertise of a specialist who works in the IT industry full-time
  • A truly independent and impartial expert who works as part of your team
  • A considerable cost-saving over an in-house employee
  • None of the admin associated with employment
  • The peace of mind that somebody is looking after your interests and making sure the competition does not leave you behind
  • The chance to reduce your IT operating costs and associated risks.

Accordio will act as your CIO or IT Director as much as you need us to. We’ll attend businesses meetings of your choice and act in your interests in the same way as a full-time employee.

Contact us to discuss how our Outsourced CIO service can help your business.